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In Waihi, the modern Martha Mine and underground operations have been operating for over 30 years. OceanaGold has been the owner since 2015.

As a result of a major exploration campaign, we have identified additional ore deposits that we are now looking to mine through the proposed Project Quattro.

Project Quattro contains four main components:

  • The Martha Open Pit Phase 5 — An expansion of the existing Martha pit.
  • The Gladstone Open Pit —A new, smaller pit to the west of the OceanaGold Waihi Processing Plant.
  • Tailings Storage — Increasing tailings storage capacity by constructing a new tailings storage facility (TSF3) immediately east of the current facilities. Raising the crest on TSF1A and investigating additional storage options that may include disposal within the Gladstone open pit.
  • The Northern Rock Stack — A new rock storage facility to the north of the current tailings storage facilities.



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The technical studies for Project Quattro are ongoing. We will share more in-depth details of the proposed project as they become available. Community feedback will contribute to the final project design.

If consented, Project Quattro has the potential to produce nearly 750,000 ounces of gold over a 14-year period, complementing the already consented Project Martha and extending the life of mine in Waihi to 2037.



All elements of Project Quattro are linked and interact with each other. Project Quattro has also been designed to integrate with and build on the North Wall Cutback, and the Martha Underground mine activities consented as part of Project Martha.

Integration with our existing mining activities and infrastructure is a critical aspect of the proposal. Much of our existing and already consented mining infrastructure will be used to transport, process, store and dispose of material extracted as part of Project Quattro.


The final timeline for the development of the project will be determined by the final project design. At this stage, the following timeline is proposed:

  • Project Quattro will commence with site preparation for TSF3, Northern Rock Stack and the Gladstone Open Pit and include repositioning the current underground access portal.
  • Martha Open Pit Phase 5 construction activities including road realignments, a stream diversion and mitigation planting will likely happen early in the life of Project Quattro.
  • As the Northern Rock Stack is being formed, full mining activities will be underway in the Gladstone pit.
  • When mining of the Gladstone pit is complete, backfilling will commence.
  • At the tailings storage facilities area, TSF2 will be put back into service, to allow for the crest raise of TSF1A to add additional capacity. Following this, TSF3 construction will begin.
  • The Martha pit will reach full production later in the life of Project Quattro.



We acknowledge that Project Quattro, if approved, will result in unavoidable localised impacts on the environment; these will be mitigated in the long term through rehabilitation and remediation activities.

Rehabilitation is always a major part of modern mine planning. Rehabilitation proposals and concept plans were developed well before the commencement of construction for open pit mining in 1987. Those plans have been revised over time. In preparing these plans, the advice and skill of a large range of experts, including soil scientists, hydrologists, engineers, aquatic biology, and water quality specialists have been sought.

Project Quattro will be designed to ensure adequate resources for rehabilitation and mine closure are accounted for. Rehabilitation of disturbed areas will progress as areas become available and will be ongoing throughout the life of Project Quattro.


As part of Project Quattro we are making a commitment to work collaboratively with our local communities to create opportunities, build resilience and leave a positive, long-lasting legacy well beyond the mining life cycle.

All OceanaGold Waihi operations have closure plans in place that are reviewed annually; Project Quattro will be incorporated into these plans. In preparing this plan we will consult with our stakeholders in relation to economic impact, employment, post-closure environmental impacts, and public health and safety to ensure that what we propose will leave a positive legacy for the community.