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Although most of the rock from the project can be used to construct TSF3, backfill Gladstone Pit and provide backfill for the Martha Underground, there will still be a surplus of rock that requires disposal in a separate rock stack.

Hours of operation

OceanaGold Waihi is proposing that the Northern Rock Stack operates 24/7.

Preparatory Works

Construction of the Northern Rock Stack will require about 18.2 Ha of topsoil to be stripped and stockpiled, to a height of around 10 m, adjacent to Golden Valley Road.

An OceanaGold Waihi owned house will need to be relocated.

Design Features

The Northern Rock Stack would incorporate similar design features as the existing TSFs. These features would include a low permeability liner beneath the stack; subsurface seepage drains, leachate collection drains, and capping.


The Northern Rock Stack would be progressively rehabilitated in accordance with the surrounding area. On completion, it would be grass-covered and function as partof the surrounding farmland.



The extension of mine life to 2037, if approved, will continue to positively impact Waihi property values.

Our property value assessment has identified the potential for the proposed Project Quattro to have a minor impact on the values of a small number of properties near the Northern Rock Stack. This is not expected to be long-lasting.

The properties identified in the assessment would be eligible for our Top Up management measure in accordance with the criteria of our property programme.

For full details contact OceanaGold Waihi directly.


If Project Quattro is approved, we will be required to manage our activities so that we comply with strict noise limits in line with the Hauraki District Plan.

There are a range of noise management measures that may be implemented to meet these requirements, including:

• Equipment selection and maintenance.

• Construction of vegetated noise bunds.

• Cladding to reduce conveyor noise.

• Limiting the height of stockpiles.

• Acoustic cladding around potentially noisy machinery.

• Closed-board fencing.

• Acoustic noise wall on sections of perimeter noise bunds.


To allow us to operate outside of daylight hours, lighting will need to be established around the proposed Northern Rock Stack.

The lighting will be designed and located so that the amount of light is protective of the amenity of nearby residents.